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PLR, What Is PLR And Is It Legal to Use?

what is plr

‘What is PLR and is it legal to use on my site?’ If you listen carefully to the noise in the market, you will hear this question asked by marketers and webmasters in discussions all-around the Internet. Let’s examine the term ‘what is plr’ first and then talk about its legality in another article.

When a curious searcher keys the term ‘What is plr’ into Google or any major search engine, more than likely they are referring to ‘Private Label Rights’. Then again, it depends on who is doing the search. If the searcher is a webmaster or an Internet marketer, then more than likely they are referring to Private Label Right’s content.

What is PLR?

The term PLR from the perspective of an Internet marketer or webmaster is an abbreviation for the words Private Label Rights.

Private Label Rights is a licensing level for different kinds of resell rights products. Resell rights products can be Videos, eBooks, Articles or even a ‘Business in a Box‘ style plr. Just to name a few.

Even though PLR is a licensing level, it is sometimes referred to as a top level umbrella name for all kinds of resell rights products.  So If I say PLR I could be referring to products with any licensing level attached including Master Resell Rights and Resell Rights license. Your license is your key to what you can do with your PLR.

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PLR Licencing Levels.

There are many licensing levels with PLR products but I will only discuss the three main ones here, including the Private Label Rights licensing level. Understanding the PLR licensing levels will give you a good foundation of “what is plr?”

Private Label Rights, or PLR (Yes, This is also a licensing level as was previously discussed)

Private Label Rights is the licensing level you need to have for your product if you want to edit the content for your business.  One major value of having Private Label Rights to the content you purchased is the ability to sell the Master Resell Rights and the Personal Use Rights license to other users.

Master Resell Rights

This licensing level will allow you to use the content as is without altering it. You likewise can sell the same rights to another user including the Personal Use Rights. Under no circumstance can you change the contents of the package.  You must use it as it is.

Personal Use Rights

Personal use rights will give you the ability to use the contents of the product for your personal use only. What this means is that you can post the content to your site but you cannot sell it again to others.


When you use PLR products in the way it should be used, you will save yourself time and money. Do not listen to the noise in the market. Listening to individuals that are not informed about PLR will cause you to miss out on a fantastic opportunity to build your business and brand.

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